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Founder Team of Berlin Mobile-App-Startup Goodnity

Photo-Location: Frankfurter Tor

Frankfurter Tor is a small square in Friedrichshain. It got its name from the Frankfurt Gate, which was actually located 800m further west before being demolished in 1867. At the western side of the square, you can see two high-rises with domes which actually look like a city gate.

Goodnity – Berlin Based Charity App

Goodnity is a Berlin based mobile app company that offers an innovative approach to child sponsorship: Answering market research questions enables anyone to make donations to support a child of their choosing at no cost. Founded in 2015 by three WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management graduates, it is possible since July to sponsor underprivileged children while developing global market research space. Companies pay for insights into users’ opinion and Goodnity donates a fixed amount per answered question. Goodnity only works with accredited charities that manage the sponsorship programs. The for-profit business model connects long term engaged users with market research giants that are interested in collecting research from a highly involved, socially active user base. The founding team has a background in consulting, mobile apps and charitable organizations. Goodnity’s vision is to become the go-to app for charitable engagement on mobile phones. Distribution outside of Germany is planned for 2016.

Link to Startup-Website:

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Goodnity in their office. Here´s the video:

About Goodnity:

Berlin based market research Startup Goodnity enable anyone to make a change. An innovative approach to child sponsorship. At Goodnity (as in English “Good” and “Dignity”) are firmly convinced that “doing good” is a basic human need. That is why they have developed a concept that aims to allow any long-term social to operate – by making it easy for them, entertaining and free. Their platform consists of high-quality users who have set the goal to support her own child sponsorship project. To this end, they answer several questions daily from their corporate clients and provide them with an anonymous, in-depth user profile. Thus, their users can be addressed in a precise, cost-efficient and fast way for research, feedback, and branding activities.

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