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Jorge Perdomo (Co-Founder, VP Institutional Business) and Daniela Perdomo (Co-Founder, CEO)

Location: New York’s city subway system has more stations than any other in the world. Opened in 1904, it boasts 469 stations, operates 24/7 and has 5.7million riders every day. If they were laid end to end, the subway system’s tracks would stretch from New York to Chicago.

goTenna – The first off-grid communication device

Founded in 2013
20 employees
Funding $9.3M / 2 rounds

Based in Brooklyn, goTenna is the first and only company to enable anyone to use their phones to text and share GPS location regardless of cell service, Wi-Fi or even satellites.
In 2014, goTenna launched its award-winning flagship device that quickly became synonymous with next-generation off-grid communications. Now, goTenna is the first to commercialize a 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range consumer-ready mesh network with the release of goTenna Mesh, a smaller, internationally-available device that allows users to connect over greater distances by automatically and privately relaying messages through one another. goTenna was co-founded by siblings Daniela and Jorge Perdomo whose vision to create resilient, people-powered connectivity ignited during Hurricane Sandy, when up to a third of cell towers and power stations were knocked out.


This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.