The Online Inventory for Everyone and Everything

itembase is an online platform for hosting, enriching and providing product identity data. itembase helps sellers deliver their duties and buyers to easily access their rights in relation to a purchase. The platform automatically processes purchased products from various sources, including email, forwarded invoices and checkout integrations at web shops. Hereby receipts, warranties, manuals and many other data points are made available through the digital identity of the product. Sellers and buyers can host, send and receive their products in digital form, free of charge. The vision of itembase is to become “the online inventory for everyone and everything” and thereby disrupting the E-commerce market. itembase was founded in 2011 by Danish serial entrepreneur, Stefan Jørgensen and CTO Ramo Karahasan, in cooperation with a Berlin-based start-up incubator, Rheingau Founders. CPO Moritz Fichtner (Audible/Amazon) and CFO Niels Boon (Zalando, McKinsey) completed the team in 2013.

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