Education. Online. Free.

Iversity is the largest provider of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Europe, making higher education available to students and life-long learners around the world. More than 350,000 online learners have signed up on the platform iversity.org, where currently 30 courses are offered, ranging from web engineering to biology, and design. While a global community of learners can attend all courses for free, iversity is building a business model based on paid certificates, content licensing and matchmaking between the best students in a course and potential employers. Around the world, there is a tremendous demand for higher education and this is only growing stronger. The number of students worldwide, currently more than 160 million, is expected to double within the next 25 years. To illustrate the problem: India alone would need 2,400 new universities to keep up with this growth in demand. The iversity platform will be part of the solution.

Link to the Startup Website: www.iversity.org

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