Founder Team of Berlin Food and Beverage Startup Juice Dudes

Photo-Location: Humboldthain Flak Towers

Berlin’s flak towers were built during World War II in 1940. Three pairs of towers were erected in public parks, one of them built in Humboldthain with a connecting bunker in 1942. Since the Ringbahn closely passes by the location, not everything could be demolished and can still be visited.

Juice Dudes – Berlin startup producing healthy, cold pressed juices

Juice Dudes is a Berlin-based startup founded in October 2014 by Robert Rüter, Malte Gützlaff, and Dominik Lalla. Its mission is to provide an honest and fair product that contributes to your healthy lifestyle. The three dudes were exposed to cold pressed juice during their studies in the UK and upon their return they were surprised not to find them in German supermarkets. Aware of its various benefits, they decided to take it upon themselves to introduce the product to the German market. Cold-pressing is a technique which allows extracting liquid from leaves or roots not commonly known in juice. The result is distinct: unique flavors, maximized nutrition and a small basket of fruits and veggies in just a bottle. But – Don’t panic, it’s organic! You currently find their products in biomarkets such as Bio Company and Denns or in their online shop. In the near term, they will add selected cafes as distribution partners and will continue spreading that dudeishness among us all.

Link to Startup-Website: www.juicedudes.de

Juice Dudes in the News

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Juice Dudes in their office. Here´s the video:

About Juice Dudes

Berlin based Food & Beverage Startup Juice Dudes produde cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice. It is available in Bio Company and Denns.The company is convinced that satisfaction is a product of the inner well-being. For this reason they now devote themselves to a mission: they deliver cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices in its purest form. The special thing about the cold-pressed juices is their careful preparation. Contrary to the conventional process of juicing, they rapidly rotating blades process the fruit or vegetables into a juice. Similar to the cold pressing of olive oil, fruit and vegetables are very slowly formed into a mash and then squeezed with a pressure of up to 10 tons. This process is more expensive to some, but ensures getting the vitamins and nutrients.

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