Founder Team of Berlin Art Startup Juniqe

Photo-Location: Berlin’s courtyards

Green, artsy or industrial: Berlin’s courtyards are as diverse as the city itself. As the population grew in the 19th century, more living space was needed. Thus, rear buildings were built for poorer population groups. Now the yards are popular and contribute to the attractiveness of the city.

Juniqe – Art Marketplace Berlin Startup

Young, business-savvy trio Lea Lange, Marc Pohl and Sebastian Hasebrink founded Juniqe to provide people with a destination to discover affordable art by empowering independent and talented artists to make a living doing what they love. Juniqe’s vision is to bring art into people’s everyday life. The brand’s top priorities include making carefully curated art accessible and affordable. The brand supports new and emerging artists and presents a constant stream of exciting collections to suit various tastes. Artworks are not only available on canvas or as posters, but can also be found printed on fashionable attire, tech and home accessories. Juniqe is growing its network of artists as it stimulates fresh talent: artists profit from each sale and can achieve a wider reach with the help of Juniqe’s engaging social media actions.

Link to Startup-Website: www.juniqe.com

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About Juniqe:

JUNIQE is the shop for eclectic art prints, apparel and accessories. An antidote to big brand BS. They are an experienced team of e-commerce and design veterans who scout out the best independent artists from all over the world. Their hand-picked artworks make them a magnet for font fetishists, graphic geeks and fashion junkies. Thy are on a mission to offer exciting and affordable art to everyone. A one-stop shop for friends of form and colour, the company curate a selection of new designs several times each week. They want to see art everywhere. That’s why they offer artworks printed on T-shirts, sweaters and tech accessories as well as posters, canvases and acrylic glass. On top of that, the company constantly have new categories in the works.

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