Founder Team of Berlin Car Marketplace Startup Karosso

Photo-Location: Prinzessinnengarten

For over 25 years, the area around Moritzplatz was wasteland until the initiative Nomadic Green turned it into a beautiful green garden. Now, locals and neighbors come together in the “Prinzessinnengarten” to learn about organic and sustainable living or just enjoy a drink at the container bar.

Link to Photo-Location: www.prinzessinnengarten.net

Karosso – the Berlin Car Marketplace Startup

Karosso is a two-sided marketplace, connecting trustful buyers and sellers. For sellers, Karosso checks the cars for technical and optical issues while offering a better price than the dealer. Buyers can buy certified cars online, being delivered to their homes with the additional advantage of a one-year warranty. Sellers get more and buyers pay less for the same services as at the local dealer due to centralization and savings in overheads. Karosso erases all the pain found in existing platforms and guarantees quality checks, fixed prices, free delivery, and handling all the paperwork. The company was founded by Johannes Stoffel, Sebastian Specht and Victor Thoma in January 2015 and operates in Germany. By the end of the year, Karosso will be available also beyond the border. It has never been easier before to buy and sell your car. Join the used car marketplace of the 21st century.

Link to Startup-Website: www.karosso.de

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Karosso in their office. Here´s the video:

About Karosso:

Driven by personal disappointment and negative experience, the three friends Johannes Stoffel, Sebastian Specht and Victor Thoma had the vision to build up a transparent, two-sided online marketplace for used cars – that’s how Karosso started. As a central place, Karosso “skips” the classical car dealer. Karosso stands for transparency, because the car is not only being assessed technically and optically, but also test driven by a DEKRA inspector and MOT certified. With the help of the assessment and the market price the innovative rating system calculates then the best and fairest price for the vehicle. The result – buyers pay less and sellers get more. In other words, this young dynamic team combine the love for cars, entrepreneurship, start-up mentality and technological affinity.

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