Katharina Klausberger
Co-Founder and CEO of Shpock

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Q: What helps you focus?

A: 3 pull-ups in the office are enough to clear the mind and focus again.

Startup life is like a roller coaster ride

I’ve always kept a list of random thoughts and possible business ideas. While earning my PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, this list got too long and my inner urge to create something was just too strong. As a result, my co-founder, Armin Strbac, and I not only founded finderly in 2010, but also Shpock just two years later – the latter being a flea market app for beautiful things.

In retrospect, finderly was an important precursor for Shpock. Back then I learned that building a startup means facing challenges you never expected. You have to be prepared to battle many setbacks. That’s why I always compare the startup life to a rollercoaster ride: it goes up and down and up again – often multiple times within a day.

Without this know-how, Shpock wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. In the beginning, we aimed to build the best marketplace for the smartphone generation. Now we are extremely proud to see that more than ten million second-hand lovers in four major European markets buy and sell their pre-used products on Shpock.

Katharina Klausberger, 34, is a Vienna-based entrepreneur and co-founder of Shpock. With more than ten million users and 70 team members, the flea market app for beautiful things is one of the most popular shopping apps in Europe. Shpock, which was launched in 2012, wasn’t Katharina’s first project. While earning her PhD in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, she and her co-founder Armin Strbac founded finderly, a recommendation platform for electronic products.


This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.