Illustration by ©Daniel_Caballero

Kisura – Readying its international debut

Tanja Bogumil and Linh Nguyen are dressed to impress for an exciting journey ahead of them. The founders of women’s curated shopping experience, Kisura, will roll out their Curated Shopping 2.0 concept to U.S. markets in 2016 thanks to the aid of the German-Accelerator-Program. The new technology allows Kisura reps to “assist each customer on a flexible basis, completely independent of time and place.” The model of curated shopping has already established in the US and the turnover in women’s fashion trade is very high – great conditions for a rapid and successful market entry.

Link to the Startup Website:

About Kisura Kisura is Germany’s first personal online shopping platform for women. The word Kisura derives from Swahili and means something like “enchanting beautiful woman”. Kisura believes in the individual beauty of every woman and wants to support them, to feel enchantingly beautiful with the appropriate clothing. And beautiful is the person, who feels good – for Kisura that is not a question of dress size nor of the purse. They look after each customer personally. Every day they go forward together as a team in the heart of Berlin for their passion for fashion and style. Kisura is guided by their vision: help each woman, to emphasize their individual beauty through the appropriate clothing. Read more