Secure and Convenient Handsfree Access for Doors

Kiwi provides secure and convenient hands free door opening, which works similarly to keyless remote systems for cars.House owners and tenants enjoy the simple comfort of just walking through their doors while mail delivery, trash removal and other service providers are able to work more efficiently through intelligent smart key management. Kiwi works with the help of a transponder (Ki), which simply remains in the pocket or bag. An authorized Kiwi electrician installs the corresponding sensor into the bell system of the house. Whenever a person approaches the door with an authorized Ki, the sensor unlocks it safely and automatically. It is that simple. Alternatively, the door can be opened with the Kiwi smartphone app, which also allows you to grant access rights to your friends, family or your cleaning help. Kiwi is 100% Made in Germany and complies with highest security standards. was founded by Claudia Nagel, Christian Bogatu, and Peter Dietrich in February 2014.

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