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Laremia is the leading B2C rental destination for designer dresses and accessories from international renowned designers, and was founded in 2013 by Claudia von Boeselager and Anna Mangold. Their philosophy is that every woman deserves to feel fabulous for all the special occasions in their lives – at a fraction of the price. The fashion start-up revolutionizes consumer behavior away from ownership to a pay-as-you-live lifestyle of sensible consumption and combines this with a real need that every woman knows: An upcoming special event and a closet full of nothing to wear. Whether for weddings, birthday parties, company events or a gala dinner, Laremia offers access to a dream closet full of beautiful designer dresses. Your dress and matching accessories are delivered to your door, and you can enjoy your perfect event feeling fabulous! Afterwards, you just send it back and Laremia takes care of the dry cleaning. The service is convenient, affordable and fun!

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