Lea-Sophie Cramer
Co-Founder and Managing Director of Amorelie, Germany

Q: What would you do if you had more spare time?

A: Traveling the world.

Creating a revolution with a strong vision

During an internship at a management consultancy, my boss once said to me, “We welcome you here, but you should really become a founder.” Five years later, after I’d held various positions at BCG and Rocket Internet/Groupon, he turned out to be right.

The idea for Amorelie developed in 2012. One day, my good acquaintance, Sebastian, told me about an online shop for design furniture and accessories selling huge amounts of vibrators. I, in turn, told him about my journey from Munich to Berlin during which I’d noticed many people reading 50 Shades of Grey, basically erotic literature, in public! Something was changing in our society. This was an epiphany for me.

Until now, people haven’t had a comfortable place to shop for articles for their love life without feeling uneasy or going undercover while entering a dodgy sex shop. We decided to revolutionize sensuality and sexuality and push the quality to a higher level. We want people to appreciate their own bodies and the bodies of others, and indulge in that appreciation. This is a vision I feel strongly about, which allows me to work hard daily to achieve great things for Amorelie.

Lea-Sophie Cramer, 28, is the co-founder of Amorelie, an online shop for your love life established in January 2013. The company now counts 90 employees. Lea-Sophie was previously Vice President, Asia at Groupon. She also sits on the board of Conrad Electronics and founded Starstrike Ventures, a company that supports and invests in other young founders and their startup ideas.


This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.