Founder Team of Berlin AirBnB for dogs Startup Leinentausch

Photo-Location: Plänterwald

The forest Plänterwald was laid out along the Spree in 1760 and later supplemented as local recreational area with Treptower Park on the northwestern side. In 1969, an amusement park was built within Plänterwald, which operated as Spreepark until 2001. Some of the abandoned rides can still be seen.

Leinentausch – Berlin-based AirBnB for dogs Startup

Leinentausch (eng.: LeashSwap) is the online marketplace where dog owners can book peer-2-peer dog sitting services: dog walking, daycare and holiday accommodation. The problem often arises: Dog owners cannot provide adequate care 24/7 all year round. Neighborly help or nailing a note in a park tree used to provide solutions but it is becoming increasingly difficult with the changing times. Relocations, employment changes and family constellations create a new situation from one month to the next and the dog may not be brought along. The solution is to match dog loving households with the dog owners who need help via Internet, the ideal technology in this quest. The advantages: P2P accommodation is cheaper and a home environment is cosier than the standard dog hotel. The added value: the puppy gets a lot of individual attention. Leinentausch was founded in 2013 and has been part of Axel Springer Plug And Play since spring 2014. Leinentausch is the market leader in DACH and is looking forward to expand its services to other countries.

Link to Startup-Website: www.leinentausch.de

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Leinentausch in their office. Here´s the video:

About Leinentausch:

Berlin based Startup Leinentausch is the online platform for dog sitting services. How does it works? Dog sitters and dog owners deposit on the line sharing site a detailed profile so then they can be booked. To give each dog sitter the opportunity in advance to obtain information about the dog, the owner shall submit when registering a profile for their dog plus a photo. Because every dog ​​sitter knows about particular races and animals, this helps in the matching process. Behind Leinentausch there is a young team of motivated dog owners. The startup is now represented with animal sitters in the major German cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. At the same time the company is an excellent example of how technology can help dogs and their owners.

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