Global Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Corporation

Money does not need a bank, and Lendico is the digital alternative to banks. As a marketplace, it connects borrowers with investors online and offers affordable loans and attractive returns. Without bank counters or financial advisors, Lendico works in a cost-efficient way and passes these savings on to their customers. An algorithm, which analyzes the credit risk, protects borrowers from indebtedness and enables higher returns for investors. The four founders of Lendico, Philipp Petrescu, Dominik Steinkühler, Christoph Samwer and Clemens Paschke, have seen how banks offer less than 1% interest on savings, but lend out that same money for more than 8%. There is a lot of space in between, and this space is for Lendico. Lendico and its 90 employees cut out the middleman during the loan process and pass these savings onto their borrowers and investors.

Link to the Startup Website: www.lendico.de

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