Free Yourself from Sales Bureaucracy

Linko is a multinational startup, founded in January 2013 that offers completely automated CRM. Linko is a bold and disruptive approach to mobile CRM. It ends the misery of manual reporting by gathering all sales activity data automatically from salespeople’s favorite mobile apps, and by filtering the relevant business activity from it for the company into a searchable real-time feed. Linko delivers activity summaries and sales forecasts automatically, making it incredibly easy to monitor and manage the ongoing business. Linko’s mobile address book application is owned and controlled by its end users, meaning that their sharing to the company is based on their voluntary choice. This bring-your-own-device, app and data approach finally enables true consumerization of the enterprise. There are multiple major cost and time benefits from this approach, including minimal time to get a new sales person up-to-speed.

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