Founder Team of Berlin Company Building Startup Makers

Photo-Location: Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie was the name of the most famous Berlin Wall crossing point during the German partition. It connected the Soviet with the Allied sector and was designated as the sole crossing point for foreigners and members of the Allied forces. The location is now a popular sight for tourists.

Makers – Berlin Company Builder

Makers is one of Berlin’s most active company builders. Founded in 2013 by serial-entrepreneurs Friedrich A. Neuman and Marius Schulze, Makers has already tested 42 ideas and started 8 companies including IconPeak, Cashboard and Run a Shop which count more than 80 employees and have generated revenue of €37 million during the first two years. When asked about the secret of their success, Neuman or Schulze will certainly emphasize two things: acting as a community and their methodical, iterative way of building companies. Makers understands itself as a community of founders, experts and investors that are hands-on and love to share best practices, invest in a vision, sketch ideas, work on product strategy and fight for customer traction. Founders benefit not only from seed capital, but also get access to startup incorporation and accounting, office space, press relations, online marketing and product designs.

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About Makers:

Makers, Berlin’s most active company builder, includes a great bunch of creative and driven people in technology. A hands-on community of founders, experts and investors sharing ideas, experiences, best practices and their network around technology and startups. They are founders themselves and they know the challenges founders go through in their startup life. Makers’ community of entrepreneurs, investors and experts help you turn your vision into reality. They also build and invest in Tech Startups, providing an Ecosystem to launch and scale. They believe that hard work done by smart brains is the key to building great companies. Makers cooperates with Amazon Web Services and Google to help startups grow faster. 

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