Native Cloud Solution that Enables Financial Organizations of all Sizes to Rapidly Deliver State-of-the-Art Banking Services

Established in 2011, Mambu’s founders wanted to find a way that technology could help spread access to basic banking services, enabling organizations to provide them easier, quicker and cheaper than ever before. Historically, core-banking systems have cost millions of dollars to license and implement, not to mention the ongoing cost of maintenance. This has left smaller financial services organizations, such as microfinance institutions, without access to reliable and robust processing platforms. What this means, is that they struggle to service many of the world’s 3 billion unbanked individuals and 250 million micro and small to medium enterprises. Mambu enables any financial organization to deliver modern banking services through its native cloud solution. Agile, flexible and open, Mambu eliminates the complexities typically associated with core banking software, at a fraction of the cost. Mambu’s end-to-end approach makes it simple and cost-effective to provide essential banking services.

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