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Kate Ryder (Founder, CEO)

Location: Originally a military site from the Revolutionary War, Fort Greene Park became Brooklyn’s first park in 1847. Twenty years later it was landscaped by Olmstead and Vaux, the two men who designed Central Park and who became the fathers of American landscape architecture. // fortgreenepark.org

Maven – The first digital clinic for women

Founded in 2014
12 employees
Funding $4.5M / 2 rounds

Women in America make 80% of all health decisions for themselves and their families. But the current healthcare system is not exactly female-friendly. This fact is all too obvious for any mother who has ever had to miss work to get care for her child, or any student struggling to get birth control, or any woman who has worried all night because she can’t get a simple answer from her doctor. Founded in 2014 by Kate Ryder, Maven makes it easier for women to get immediate, professional care, from someone they trust. Wherever they are, whenever they need it. It has a network of 700+ doctors, nurse practitioners, mental health providers, and specialists in all areas of women’s and children’s health, and has made it easy for tens of thousands of women to connect with them directly via video appointment or private message—whether it’s for a prescription or just for peace of mind. The end goal? To help women across the world have better access to affordable care.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.