© Saskia Uppenkamp
Jesse Walden (Co-Founder), Arkadiy Kukarkin (CTO) and Denis Nazarov (Co-Founder)

Location: East Williamsburg has traditionally been an industrial neighbourhood, but more and more empty factories and warehouses have been converted into loft housing. Since the 1990s increasing numbers of young creatives have moved into the area, attracting hip new coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

Mediachain Labs – Connecting media to its creator and online history

Founded in 2015
6 employees
Funding $1.5M / 1 round

Imagine if you could know everything about an image in your feed, just by virtue of seeing it—who made it, it’s story, origin and everything said about it online. Mediachain Labs wants to connect creators and audiences directly through media. Founded by Denis Nazarov and Jesse Walden, the team is leading the open source development of a universal media library that automatically connects media to information about it using content recognition technology. Mediachain raised seed funding by Union Square Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz to build an open platform that empowers developers to innovate the way we share, discover and even monetize media online. The first prototype automates attribution for creators and organizations participating in Creative Commons publishing, including partners such as the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Getty Images, and the Digital Public Library of America.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.