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Mister Spex – Seeing eye-to-eye with Goldman Sachs

The future is looking 20/20 for Mister Spex after it picked up a $40 million funding round led by U.S. investment bank Goldman Sachs at the start of the year. The online retailer’s existing backers also participated, helping founder Dirk Graber and his team of over 300 achieve an important milestone. Mister Spex now turns its focus intensely on “domestic and international growth plans.” The company took the European eyewear market by storm in 2007, and its impressive trajectory serves as an example of smart growth over time.

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About Mister Spex Berlin startup Mister Spex presents a new, modern way of buying glasses. They are combining the benefits of e-commerce with the advisory services at the optrician. They offer more choices, better and transparent prices in a simple, intuitive process. Read more