Karan Sarin (CMO), Moritz Waldstein-Wartenberg (CEO) and Faebian Bastiman (CTO) Nils Lucas


On a Mission to Improve Lives With Healthy Water

Founded in 2016
30 employees
Funding: $10.6M
Stage: Seed

Mitte is the first of its kind smart home water system that purifies with a proprietary distillation-based method that enhances water with minerals through a process inspired by the natural water cycle. Website
Highlight of the year: Announcing a $10.6M fundraising.

Interview with Mitte

What inspired you to found your startup?

Mitte was founded in 2016 by CEO Moritz Waldstein-Wartenberg and CTO Dr. Faebian Bastiman in Berlin. They bonded over a shared vision to improve lives with better water and were determined to find a way to make water safe and healthy for everyone. A year later they met CMO Karan Sarin.

How are you different? What is your unique value proposition?

Mitte is revolutionizing the way we drink water at home with our first-of-its-kind, purifying and enhancing smart water system. Our system is 60x cleaner than pitcher filters, 3x cleaner than Reverse Osmosis systems, and 4x more efficient than other home distillers.

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

Mitte’s success means solving a global problem of access to clean and healthy water, while executing a higher level of sustainability in the hydration industry.

What do you want to achieve next year?

Mitte’s number one goal is to get our product to the market and bring Mitte to consumers across the globe.

Why do people want to work at your company?

We are on a mission to improve lives with personalized and mineralized water. We have a passion for people on a global and personal level! Our company is very diverse, with nearly 20 countries represented. Because we are young, there is opportunity for growth within the company.

What has been the most important milestone so far?

Our seed round funding.

Looking back at your whole development story — what makes you most proud?

Mitte is very proud of the confidence and support we have received from our first crowdfunding and investment backers. Without them, we would not be able to move forward in accomplishing our mission.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

Helping to significantly reduce the need for using bottled mineral water! We see Mitte as a water ecosystem – not only at home but also on the go.

What is your impression of launching a startup from your based city?

Berlin has been a very conducive place for Mitte to launch. Berlin is a leading city in Europe for many reasons: the atmosphere is desirable for ideas and creativity, while at the same time is ample for business.

What is your impression of the german startup scene? Would you change anything?

We have been accepted into the German Accelerator this year (2018) and found the program to be supportive, impressing growth upon us and important connections. We think that’s similar to the German Start Up scene. With anything, more can be learned by connecting outside of the scene with others.

Mitte was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Germany“, November 2018.

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