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Mobile Event Guide

The Premier App for Your Event

Mobile Event Guide is the leading event app provider on the German market. The company was founded in 2009 by Felix Swoboda, Nick Thomas, and Marc Schuba with the goal to enhance overall event communication at trade shows and conferences. The app aims to help attendees and exhibitors to achieve their main goals – connect with other professionals and learn more about new market trends. Attendees can plan their visit more efficiently with a personal agenda and easily identify and connect with interesting people at the event. Exhibitors use location and interest based audience segmentation to generate additional leads and increase sales. Organizers can collect live feedback and react to it with real-time updates throughout the event. With these and other application features, Mobile Event Guide enhances the event experience for attendees and exhibitors and helps organizers to generate additional revenue.

Link to the Startup Website: www.mobileeventguide.com

Find the complete interview at www.the-hundert.com/mobile-event-guide