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Movinga and Movago – Two moving service operators compete in the German capital

The rise of Movinga and Movago, two Berlin-based online moving operators, will make it easier to find affordable movers in the capital. Both companies operate with similar monikers, designs, and slogans raising the question: who copied whom? While we may never know, the important thing is that both raised money this year. Movago raised €7 million in a Series A round in November, and Movinga €6 million several months prior. While Movinga has financial backing from German powerhouse of Rocket Internet, Movago has enjoyed an impressive growth trajectory since its launch in August, facilitating nearly 2,000 moves in three months. Time will tell which company proves to be the better business model!

Link to the Startup Website:

Movinga and Movago Movinga and Movago are two individual Berlin-based, professional moving platforms. They are two young, growing companies that will provide competent assistance with your relocation project. They offer high quality service in the field of relocation in Germany, as well as several other European countries. The aim is to continuously expand the market, so that they are soon represented as professional relocation service providers across Europe. Read more