Founder Team of Berlin Security-IT-Emails Startup Mynigma

Photo-Location: Sage Restaurant

Sage Restaurant is located along the banks of the Spree. Its team has over 20 years of experience in various projects next to the restaurant including Sage Club, Marabu Bar and the museum island festival. In summer, Sage Beach is open with sand beach, BBQ, cocktails and parties. 

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Mynigma – IT Security Emails Berlin Startup

Mynigma is the self-proclaimed future of e-mail encryption. The project began in 2012, long before the NSA revelations brought IT security to the forefront of attention. Its purpose has always been straightforward: simple e-mail encryption that anybody can use. Out of frustration with existing software like PGP, the three mathematicians Dr. Roman Priebe, Lukas Neumann and Dr. Marco Schreiber created a program that does not interfere with the normal workflow and still offers a very high degree of security. By making the app ‘M’ free for personal use, the team aims to stem the tide of total digital surveillance. This year, Mynigma received the CeBIT Innovation Award for its groundbreaking combination of usability with end-to-end security. Buoyed by this success, the team is rapidly expanding its sphere of influence from a Mac and iOS app to an Outlook add-in and upcoming releases of an Android app and a Thunderbird add-on. A B2B solution is also being developed in partnership with SAP.

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About Mynigma:

Berlin-based IT security startup Mynigma is a new kind of email app that protects its users’ privacy with automatic encryption. This B2B solution is being developed in partnership with SAP. The company was founded in July 2013 by Roman Priebe and Lukas Neumann. Roman Priebe (30) completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in mathematics at Cambridge and then a doctorate in computer science in Oxford. Two years ago, he began with the concept of Mynigma. Besides he is working as a freelance iOS developer. Lukas Neumann (30) acquired a degree in mathematics at the University of Technology and is currently working on the Android version of Mynigma. Scientific mentor of the founding is Professor Volker Roth, head of the Working Group on Secure Identity Department of Mathematics and computer science at the Free University Berlin. Not only big companies and solvent clients should afford the software. Mynigma’s goal is to reach as many people as possible. The software is free for private users.

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