André Rieck (Co-Founder, Development), Anne Märtin (Co-Founder, Product Management), and Tim Vogelsang (Co-Founder, Algorithms, Sales) © Jasper Kettner


We find the best

Founded in 2017
3 employees
Funding Undisclosed

Octorank is an online platform to publish calls for application and to find the best submissions. They’ve developed a peer review technology to detect expertise, adjust personal bias, and smartly distribute submissions among reviewers. The best music, articles, and business ideas can already be identified. Designs, job applications, and academic papers will be covered soon. Organisations like Vattenfall, radioeins and Berliner Sparkasse already trust Octorank’s platform and technology. Website

Interview with Octorank

What inspired you to found your startup?

In the online education context one professor has to evaluate 10.000 essays. That is impossible and smart peer review algorithms have to be developed.

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

When we reach profitability, we will call ourselves successful.

Is there anything you’d do differently if you could do it again?

Start sales even earlier.

What problem does your product solve?

In any area (music, photography, business, HR), finding the best is time consuming and requires deep domain expertise. Our technology helps automise the process and leverage the domain expertise of applicants or external experts.

Where do you see your company in 1/5/10 years?

In Silicon Valley

How are you different?

Our peer review technology can automatise huge parts of a call for application for an organiser.

How often does your product/service show up in a user’s day or week?

Once per week.

Impact: how are you doing good and building a better future?

Everybody can participate, get feedback and improve using Octorank.

How has the startup scene in Berlin changed?

We are new in it and will see 🙂

What are the pros and cons of launching your startup from Berlin?

Pro: Good connection
Con: Hyped

Octorank was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Berlin“, October 2017.

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