Illustration by ©W_Flemming

Ohlala – Paid dates at the palm of your hand

When Pia Poppenreiter introduced her first app, Peppr, she simultaneously whipped the public into a frenzy over what some called “an app for prostitution.” Poppenreiter eventually agreed to the concept’s demise, but soon resurrected it with a new formulation: Ohlala. The new app for “paid dates,” Poppenreiter claims, is halfway between Peppr and Tinder. Dating apps are already a tricky world, so needless to say, it will be interesting to see how the world reacts to the bold Ohlala.

Link to the Startup Website:

About Ohlala The Berlin startups Ohlala is a web app with which you can easily arrange to meet on a paid date within the shortest time. As the term suggests, with the Ohlala-Date you pay for a spontaneous rendezvous with a woman. How much you pay for your requested date and what you do during your dates, will be clarified in advance by the two of you via Ohlala chat. Immediately. Anonymous. Uncomplicated. Read more