Olga Peters
Co-Founder and CFO of QualySense

Q: How do you react to challenges and/or obstacles?

A: I sort them out.

A single memory can guide you for a lifetime

Simple memories from my childhood ended up having a huge impact on my life. I used to pick out bad grains from the bunch before my mom cooked porridge. Surprisingly, years later, people are still having to manually sort out contaminated grains. In fact, this causes a 25 percent loss of harvest each year. Such losses are not sustainable. Moreover, there is a growing demand for healthier and better quality food.

I’ve always set myself very ambitious goals and worked hard for them. I did it because I knew they would help me make a positive contribution to society, which is important for me to feel complete in life. In 2010, as a student at Zürich University, I didn’t miss my chance to be a part of an exciting founder’s journey. Today, our team at QualySense is working passionately to deploy our invention worldwide with the goal of improving quality of food and solving the waste problem.

My biggest challenge is still ahead of me. Taking opportunities and trying my best are the principles ruling my life, and they are the reasons I’ve achieved all my past goals. I believe these qualities are essential for any entrepreneur.

Olga Peters, 27, is co-founder of QualySense AG, a Swiss company aiming to improve quality and reduce waste of food worldwide. The company is developing and marketing unique and proprietary devices for sorting grains, seeds and beans by biochemical and visual properties at a high speed. With an education in economics, Olga co-founded QualySense in 2010. Today, the company has a fast-growing, multicultural team of 22 highly motivated people.


This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.