Berlin startup Omeicos Therapeutics

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Omeicos Therapeutics

Learning from nature – making better treatments for human diseasess

Founded in 2013
14 employees
Funding €15M / 3 Rounds

Omeicos is a drug-development company. Their first aim is to develop a novel treatment for atrial fibrillation, the most common arrhythmia of the human heart, a disease that comes with severely increased risks like stroke or heart failure. The molecules are stable synthetic analogues of naturally occurring derivatives of the omega-3 fatty acid family. Omeicos’ compound family also has high potential for the treatment of ophthalmic and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Website

Interview with Omeicos Therapeutics

What inspired you to found your startup?

Key has been the aim to bring effective treatment to the patient – together with the strong belief that our approach will succeed, since it is based on sound understanding of the underlying scientific field.

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

The success of the company is the ability of the entire team to reach the economic and scientific aims the company was founded for.

Is there anything you’d do differently if you could do it again?

No, not really.

What problem does your product solve?

Less side effects than current treatments, putative curative effects to diseased hearts.

Where do you see your company in 1/5/10 years?

1 Year: ready to start clinical phase II
5 Years: conducted an exit for the atrial fibrillation project;
10 Years: OMEICOS 2, to be founded, develops further drugs in different indications.

How are you different?

The compounds activate bodies’ own, cardio-protective molecular pathway that stabilizes the heart’s rhythm.

How often does your product/service show up in a user’s day or week?

Once daily, oral treatment.

Impact: how are you doing good and building a better future?

Giving patients an option for a better medical treatment.

How has the startup scene in Berlin changed?

More money for startups in the biotech sector.

What are the pros and cons of launching your startup from Berlin?

There are no real cons, Berlin is the perfect place to be.

Omeicos Therapeutics was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Berlin“, October 2017.

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The unique design of the MRT research building, part of the Max-Delbrück-Centre for molecular medicine, helps to shield the highly sensitive equipment inside from magnetic fields and other outside frequencies. When closed, the metal elements on its facade lend the building the appearance as if under a veil.

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