Alexander Rauser (Co-Founder CTO) and Jascha Stein (Co-founder CEO) Maximilian Probst

One for all – Conversational AI Platform

Conversational AI
Founded in 2014
35 employees
Funding: Undisclosed
Stage: Other

OmniBot is an independent Conversational AI platform that allows developers and businesses to easily customize and integrate advanced conversational voice assistants and chatbots, while maintaining complete control over their data, brands, and users. Website
Highlight of the year: Jeff Adams, who led the team that built Amazon-Alexa, became Co-founder of OmniBot.

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What inspired you to found your startup?

In 2014, we developed the vision to connect people and machines anywhere and anytime by leveraging natural language understanding. We didn’t find a proper platform to build voice and chatbots, so we started to work on our own.

How are you different? What is your unique value proposition?

We provide the “one for all” platform that allows businesses to set up their own Conversational AI ecosystem while keeping control over their data, brands and users.

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

Customer success is our highest priority. To achieve this, we are constantly evolving our platform to better connect human and artificial intelligence in the most natural way for humans: through speech and language.

What do you want to achieve next year?

OmniBot is currently engaged with contact centers, e-commerce, software and IOT vendors, automotives, RPA vendors, and global systems integrators. Through these partnerships and some direct enterprise engagements, we are significantly growing our market traction.

Why do people want to work at your company?

The OmniBot team is an ambitious group of experienced technology and business leaders with successful track records. Our world-class technology is highly competitive. We are a family of value-driven entrepreneurs and professionals.

What has been the most important milestone so far?

Retrospectively, when we met Jeff Adams for the first time. His approval – and subsequent joining of our team as a Co-Founder and Chief Scientist – has been the most encouraging moment, and it encouraged everyone at OmniBot to keep going with even more confidence.

Looking back at your whole development story — what makes you most proud?

We were able to develop a full Conversational AI platform without external dependencies, so we are completely flexible and well equipped for whatever is to come.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

OmniBot will become the go-to leader for all companies that require flexible customization features in their virtual assistant platforms and ecosystems. Our target is to become an international leader in connecting humans with machines more efficiently through natural conversations and interactions.

What is your impression of launching a startup from your based city?

From the beginning, OmniBot planned to be a global company. Our base city of Oldenburg was just a starting point: we’ve already expanded to the US and India. Nevertheless, Oldenburg offers multiple networks and opportunities for startups, and a growing scene of technology companies and enthusiasts

What is your impression of the german startup scene? Would you change anything?

The German startup scene is in constant development and is slowly receiving international approval as well as support from the German government. However, when you travel to China or the US, it feels like you’ve traveled into the future and back. was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Germany“, November 2018.

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