Founder Team of Berlin based Payment Startup Optiopay

Photo-Location: Oberbaumbrücke

Well-known from the movie Run Lola Run, the beautiful neo-gothic vault brigde Oberbaumbrücke connects Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Since the two districts were formerly divided by the Berlin Wall, the bridge has become a significant symbol of Berlin’s unity.

OptioPay- Berlin Based Online Payment Startup

OptioPay is an online payment platform processing payments from companies to customers, employees or partners. Such payments include everything from payroll, returns, cancellations, refunds and many more.
Recipients can combine bank transfer with higher-value gift cards to increase the value of their payment. For instance, a 100 € payment can be split into a 50 € bank transfer and a 60 € gift card, hereby increasing the value by 10%. Giftcard partners include Zalando, Amazon, Westwing and many more.
Companies increase customer and employee satisfaction and lowers costs. Individuals enjoy more value and increased flexibility. Advertisers win new customers and convert all kinds of payments into their revenue.
OptioPay founder Marcus Börner encountered the potentials related to B2C payments in his former company reBuy.com. OptioPay is backed with venture capital from Germany’s top investors like KfW Bankengruppe and Commerzbank.

Link to Startup-Website: www.optiopay.com

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About Optiopay:

The Berlin-based startup Optiopay change the way people receive money. TheFinTech company created the first payment solution software for marketing payouts. This online payment platform processes payments from companies to customers and employees. OptioPay founder Marcus Börner encountered the potentials related to B2C payments in his former company reBuy.com. With OptioPay he offers diverse payout options to increase flexibility and value for payment recipients. Backed by international venture capital investors and banks as shareholders, the company is composed of a diverse team of over 30 people from 12 nations, who love to work hard and have exceptional passion for changing how people receive money. In brief, Optiopay increases the value and flexibility for the payment recipients, by offering higher value gift cards as a payment method.

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