Helping Your Hospitality Business Take Flight

orderbird was founded in 2011 by Jakob Schreyer, Patrick Brienen, Bastian Schmidtke and Artur Hasselbach with the aim of crafting a comprehensive, low-priced, and innovative point of sale system for the hospitality industry. The resulting orderbird POS for iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) saves businesses time, money, and stress with its Apple-inspired intuitive interface and innovative features that ‘just work’. Card payments, for example, are not only easy as pie but also highly cost-effective with orderbird PAY, and the in-depth business overview provided online at my.orderbird.com always keeps management up to date – even from home or on the road. But the biggest benefit of such a simple and clever system is that restaurant owners and staff members can focus on what really matters: Their guests. The award-winning orderbird POS system is now used by over 2,000 restaurants, cafés, bars and beer gardens throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Link to the Startup Website: www.orderbird.com

Find the complete interview at www.the-hundert.com/orderbird