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Outfittery – Curated shopping service for men receives $20 million for expansion

Outfittery had a stellar year, raising $20 million from Scandinavian investor Northstar. Led by co-founders Anna Alex and Julia Bösch, it now operates in eight European countries and claims over 200,000 customers. Outfittery’s business model is effective: male customers are asked to fill out a questionnaire on the website, and style experts match them with attire that fits their preferences. If you soon start seeing more sharply dressed men on the streets of Europe, you might know why!

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About Outfittery Berlin startup Outfittery understands that going shopping is not a pleasure for every man: it is complicated to find items that perfectly match each other. They want to get rid of the stress many men feel while waiting in the queue for the dressing room. Read more