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Karim Atiyeh (Co-Founder, CTO)

Location: Cooper Union was founded in 1859 as an educational institute for science and arts. The largest of its schools is the prestigious Albert Nerken School of Engineering, housed in a futuristic building. The innovative and vibrant design is intended to reflect the character of the school itself. //

Paribus – Get money back when prices drop

Founded in 2014
12 employees
Funding $2.22M / 2 rounds

Paribus is based on a simple observation: stores are collecting more and more data with each passing day to drive up what consumers pay. Online retailers algorithmically alter the information customers see, influence their perceptions, and push them to pay more for less. Founders Karim Atiyeh and Eric Glyman wanted to turn the tables and empower consumers by using advanced algorithms. When you are owed money, Paribus’ algorithms automatically get it for you by handling everything from instantly detecting purchases, monitoring and comparing price changes in real time, and automatically filing out claims to get you paid. The team at Paribus believes that technology should work in the background for you rather than asking you to constantly interact with something to glean value from it. The roadmap includes reducing costs on any transaction, from travel and insurance to student loans and utility bills. Paribus was recently acquired by Capital One in October 2016. This presents new opportunities to both the startup and its users.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.