Illustration by ©Svetik_petushkova

Paulus Neef – Yoga for everyone! UNYTE crowdfunds money for new, modern yoga brand

Berlin’s own Paulus Neef is showing the world how business and yoga go hand-in-hand. The Pixelpark founder raised over €100,000 in equity crowdfunding to launch UNYTE, a new yoga studio brand that aims to target new yogis. The money will go toward opening a flagship studio in Berlin. Neef’s mission likely hits home for many of us: “We want to motivate as many people as possible to invest in themselves through yoga and meditation, which may support them in achieving personal and professional success.”

Link to the Startup Website:

About Paulus Neef Too old, too inflexible, too little money, not for men? – Not at Unyte. Unyte is a yoga studio situated in Berlin and their concept lures in urban city dwellers with their individual needs. Read more