Founder of Berlin’s digital solution for Fashion Startup Phizzard

Photo-Location: Alexa Centre

As the name suggests, Alexa is located at Alexanderplatz and was opened in 2007. It houses 189 different shops on five floors including Bodycheck, a street fashion brand store. The interior is designed in the Art Deco style to convey the exceptional flair of the 1920s. 

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Phizzard – the Berlin digital solution Startup for Fashion Stores

Fitting is the key to success in fashion business. Phizzard’s touchscreens show customers in fitting rooms the sizes and colors in which selected articles are available. They are also useful when recommending clients additional items that may be combined with their choices. Without having to leave the fitting room, shop assistants bring the selected items. In addition, Phizzard tracks complete in-store customer journey and offers retailers data to improve their business. Peer, Stefan, Martin and Jan founded the company in April 2014. Two months later, they released the first prototype of their interactive touchscreen application for fitting rooms. Meanwhile, they also developed a successful solution for shoe retailers and agreed to cooperations with big companies like Arvato, DZ Bank and First Data. In May 2015, Phizzard’s innovative solution won the “Best in eCommerce Award”. After releasing a self-checkout, one of the next steps will be to join Phizzard with a CRM loyalty program for the point of sale.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Phizzard in their office. Here´s the video:

About Phizzard:
Berlin-based Startup Phizzard is the digital solution for fashion stores. Founded in April 2014, the company sees the digitization of retail stores as the most important prerequisite for the success of multi-channel strategies. Fitting is the key to success. The POS solution by Phizzard assists customers in the store when they try on and select clothing and shoes. While he or she is trying on clothes, the  in the dressing room can see on touch screens which sizes and colors are still available and what additional articles the products can be combined with.Without a need for the customer to leave the dressing room, the sales associate delivers the selected items on the touch screen directly to the fitting room. More customers find the right items with this solution. The digitization of the selection process, the accurate fit of the items and inspiring suggestions during the waiting period increase the purchase probability and the size of the shopping cart. Phizzard increases sales and delivers valuable data to optimize brick and mortar fashion retail business.

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