Founder Team of Berlin’s Big Data for Neighborhoods Startup Potentialspaces

Photo-Location: Walter-Benjamin-Platz

Named after philosopher and author Walter Benjamin, this Charlottenburg city square lay waste since 1900 and was used as a parking lot. Redesigned in 2001 by the famous architect Hans Kollhoff, the square has now an elegant design, framed by colonnades and featuring a trick water fountain.

Potentialspaces – the Berlin Big Data Startup for Neighborhoods

Potentialspaces was founded in 2013 as a multi-step application offering benefits to individual users as well as to real-estate related companies and institutions. It presents a completely new way of searching for your perfect neighborhood, based on personal preferences (For ex.: Do you prefer central or green areas? How long do you wish to commute?). After quantifying, classifying and assessing the characteristics of almost every neighborhood in Germany, PS Scores were developed. They present suggestions for alternative living areas, investment opportunities, analyses of current demand trends, among others. The founders, Nicolai Wendland and Gabriel Ahlfeldt have been working on cities and urban econometric models since they met at the FU Berlin in 2006. The development of the tool’s algorithms started in 2010. Potentialspaces was honored with the Business Incubation Award by the ESA in 2013, the same year it launched its website.

Link to Startup-Website: www.potentialspaces.de

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About Potential Spaces:

Berlin-based Big Data Startup Potentialspaces enables users to find their perfect neighborhood. Based on personal preferences, it presents a completely new way of searching. The company around the three founders, Nicolai Wendland, Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Sascha Mobius, wants to help to find the ideal neighborhood for their users based on certain search parameters like the maximum desired travel time to work or preferential areas. They also provide suggestions for alternative living areas and investment opportunities. Big data currently remains one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. Potentialspaces, without a doubt, is one the leading companies in Berlin.

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