Founder Team of Berlin Big Data Startup Priori Data

Photo-Location: The Arminius Market Hall

The Arminius Market Hall opened in 1891 after only one year of construction. The indoor market was revitalized in 2010 in an attempt to involve locals and to create a marketplace for regional products, arts and culture. Attend a winetasting event or just browse through the many different stands. 

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Priori Data – Berlin based Big Data Startup

Mobile apps represent an amazing opportunity for companies to reach, scale and engage their customers. More than 500k companies globally are trying to seize this opportunity but the sad reality is that most fail miserably – largely due to the fact that it is incredibly difficult to obtain useful information on what goes on in the app stores. Priori has set out to democratize app store data. Its SaaS offering, Priori Data Pro, provides competitive benchmarking and market sizing capabilities to app publishers, advertisers and investors looking to better understand the app economy. The platform is free to contributing data partners or available through a low cost subscription to those who do not have data to share. Priori was founded in 2013 in Berlin and works with leading international companies such as AllState, National Geographic, Ralph Lauren, Rosetta Stone and Yandex as well as homegrown Berlin champions Soundcloud, Onefootball, Home24 and many others.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Priori data in their office. Here´s the video:

About Priori Data:

Berlin-based startup Priori Data is an app store data and analytic provider which use technology and science to help stakeholders to take better decisions with their products, customers, and investments. They are the first app store analytic product which offers a like-for-like data exchange for partnering app publishers. They are named Priori Data in reference to the statistical meaning of a priori, which in Bayesian statistics denotes general knowledge about a data distribution before making an inference. The company was founded by Patrick Kane, a former analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York. Kane says Priori Data’s focus comes from both the commoditization of app data and the increasing number of companies that rely on apps for the bulk of their revenue.

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