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Quandoo – Making a perfect match with Recruit

Europe’s fastest growing real-time reservation platform for restaurants, Quandoo, was acquired by Japanese company Recruit Holdings for a whopping €198.6 million. Recruit had already strategically invested in Quandoo at the end of last year, but the HR company scored the remaining 92.91% in 2015 giving it 100% ownership. This satisfied the company’s “long term vision to become the number one group in global matching.” Quandoo is used by over 6,000 restaurants in Singapore, South Africa and Lebanon, as well as 10 countries in Europe.

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About Quandoo Berlin based startup Quandoo – the fastest growing technology leading restaurant reservation platform. The service provides diners with the easiest way to find and reserve a restaurant and restaurateurs with a powerful tool to drive utilisation, win new customers and engage with their existing guests. Read more