Raffaela Rein
Founder and CEO of CareerFoundry

Jazz Meyer

Q: What gives you power?

A: Growth Mindset – not only learning, but expanding yourself constantly

Filling the tech skills gap

I’ve always been entrepreneurial, and my family has always placed high value on independence and aiming for the extraordinary. I joined Rocket Internet because I thought it would be a good way to learn how to build an internet company, and boy, it was! At Rocket, I learned that startups are a rocky path full of iterations. It is not a straight line where everything works from day one. I worked a brief stint at Axel Springer’s Innovation Lab, for which we tried to hire 150 developers. That was when I realized how difficult hiring is, i.e. how ginormous the tech skills gap is. And since I like tackling ginormous challenges, I decided to do something to fill that gap.

I was terrified with so much fear of failure at first. I guess the curiosity and ambition were stronger than the fear in the end, and that has lasted up until today. Even now there are many scary passages as a founder. How do I cope with them? First, I’ve simply gotten used to dealing with uncertainty. Second – and this is what I love most about being a founder – is that I’ve learned to manage my own emotions. I’d never have mastered this at the same level in any other career position.

Raffaela Rein, 29, is founder and CEO of CareerFoundry, Europe’s leading destination for career development in the new economy. Raffaela graduated from the University of Durham in Finance before starting her career as an Investment Strategist for BlackRock in London. She went on to launch three e-commerce companies for Rocket Internet in APAC before founding CareerFoundry in 2013, for which she raised €5 million and employs a team of 30.


This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.