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Paul Berry (Founder, CEO)

Location: It may be based in Little Italy but Greecologies is all about another Mediterranean food culture. Traditional Greek yoghurt is made on site, using milk from grass-fed local cows. Try a cup of the original unstrained product and add some unusual toppings: sundried tomato with mint is popular. //

RebelMouse – Platform for organic, social growth

Social Media
Founded in 2012
80 employees
Funding $18.75M / 3 Rounds

The publishing industry is going through a massive shift toward social media. Distributing content simultaneously across social platforms is becoming increasingly difficult, and growing engagement with that content is even more challenging. RebelMouse was founded in 2012 by Paul Berry, former CTO of The Huffington Post, with one goal: to build technology that enables companies to succeed in the world of distributed publishing. With that objective in mind, RebelMouse has created the first Distributed Content Management System (DCMS) for natively-social publishing, which allows companies to launch fully-distributed websites in a matter of days. At the core of the platform are smart distribution tools that help increase organic reach on social media. Simply put, RebelMouse technology makes it easy to publish everywhere, find and grow relationships with social influencers, and connect content with its maximum audience.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.