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Rocket Tower – Rocket Internet set to tower over Berlin

The current Rocket Internet HQ is bursting at the seams, so this year it announced plans to open a new office – “Rocket Tower” – to better maximize the potential of its teams. Rocket selected the building complex around Kreuzberg’s high-rise GSW for the location. The building will accommodate employees from Rocket’s central areas and portfolio companies in a space of more than 22,000 square meters. What does that mean? “Rocket Tower” is set to become Europe’s largest startup campus!

About Rocket Tower Berlin startup Rocket Internet’s mission is to become the world’s largest Internet platform outside of the United States and China. They identify and build proven Internet business models and transfer them to new, underserved or untapped markets where we seek to scale them into market leading online companies. Rocket started in 2007 and has now more than 30,000 employees across its network of companies, which are active in more than 110 countries across six continents. Read more