Founder Team of Berlin Furniture Startup Room in a Box

Photo-Location: Teppichfabrik (TOA)

The old carpet factory (Teppichfabrik) is a typical industrial-style building from the 19th century, now used as a varied event space. It includes a garden, access to the Spree and a grand view perfect for weddings, exhibitions, concerts, workshops and much more. It was a venue for the TOA technology festival in 2015. 

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Room in a Box – the Berlin Startup for Furniture made of Paper based materials

Room in a Box is a two-year-old startup which focuses on furniture made of paper based materials. The team’s goal is to offer a new way of living by designing ultra-portable furniture sets sent to their customers via standard parcel services. The furniture can be easily moved the same way and comes ready to use right out of the box. The products target the young and mobile generation which can appreciate beautiful, well-designed and ultra-portable furniture. In June 2014, the team launched their first product successfully, a cardboard bed which won multiple awards and is about to be patented. Gerald came up with the idea in late 2010 after having sat on a cardboard chair which led to the concept’s first draft. Together with Lionel, he improved the ideas and was able to obtain first funding in January 2013. Joined by Christian, the highly motivated team pursues the vision of producing the most eco-friendly and flexible furniture.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Room in a box in their office. Here´s the video:

About Room in a Box:

Does everything fit into the car? Who can help to carry the heavy furniture? Movers are expensive and your friends have already helped years ago. These problems and questions are things of the past thanks to Room in a Box. The company makes reality the vision to develop an entire room furnishing, packed into a single box, which can be shipped via parcel service. Since April 2013, they develeop cardboard furniture such as beds, tables and shelves, which can be collapsed and which are so light that one can carry them under one arm. This is made possible by the material: Paper. In form of corrugated cardboard or honeycomb cardboard paper becomes a strong carrier. They take advantage from that when developing new products. The cardboard the company use consists of 85 percent recycled fibers and can be recycled by 100 percent.

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