Founder Team of Berlin Advertising Technology Startup Roqad

Photo-Location: East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery is a memorial at the former Berlin Wall which is used as a permanent open-air-gallery for street art. In 1990,118 artists from 21 countries created about 100 paintings. Today, it is only partly preserved and most of the paintings are badly damaged. 

Link to Photo Location: – Berlin Advertising Technology  Startup is a Berlin-based startup founded in 2014 by Carsten Frien (CEO), Richy Ugwu (CCO), Bartosz Bogacki (CTO), Daniel Kramer (Business Development Manager) and Katarzyna Zalewska (Operations Manager). The company already counts 21 employees in two offices, Berlin and Poznan. makes digital marketing more effective and leverages the advertising power of any kind of consumer device – smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices.’s Cross-Device Technology enables advertisers to tailor their communication by targeting users across all of their devices and adapting all advertising efforts to everyone’s unique user journey. was recently awarded as one of the “Top 3 companies to watch in 2015” by Online Marketing Rockstars. They work with brands such as Axel Springer, Condé Nast and ImmoScout24. The company’s objective is to roll out the technology also in the UK, France, the Nordic countries and Spain. Their goal is to become the leading European player for Cross-Device Consumer Identity.

Link to Startup-Website:

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Berlin-based Startup makes digital marketing more effective and leverages the advertising power of any kind of consumer device. Their cross-device unique user recognition allows advertiser to run campaigns that are not only  channel-optimized but rather optimized on the unique user journey of the target customers. As they have matched all devices of a person campaigns can “react” to the behavior of an user on one device and show display ads according to the previous behavior. In addition, the company allows to reach the right target group in the right moment. Time and location are used to describe the current local context and create audience profiles. Their targeting capabilities allow the custormer to target various points of interest, and also different audiences (currently more than 50) such as Students, Business Travellers or Mums. Further more, generate insights by matching desktop and mobile users.