Founder Team of Berlin’s Social Innovation Startup ShareTheMeal

Photo-Location: Maybachufer

Maybachufer is a street along the Landwehrkanal and renowned for its markets. Back in the 19th century when it was laid out, weekly markets were already held between the mainly industrial and appartment buildings. The most popular market today is the turkish market BiOriental every Tuesday and Friday.

ShareTheMeal – Berlin’s Social Innovation Startup

ShareTheMeal enables people to “share their meals” with children in need. Each donation of 40 cents makes it possible to feed 1 child for 1 full day. The meals are distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). Sebastian Stricker and Bernhard Kowatsch founded ShareTheMeal as a startup. A number of voluntary supporters were essential to the further development of ShareTheMeal. The starting point for ShareTheMeal is that it is actually very “cheap” to feed 1 child (who would otherwise not have enough to eat) for 1 full day. The founders believe even more people would be willing to help and donate if there were a simple and straightforward way of doing so. ShareTheMeal is now an innovation project within WFP. The team is located in Berlin. Their plea: “We would love to hear from you – drop us an email at”.

Link to Startup-Website:

Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited ShareTheMeal in their office. Here´s the video:

About Share the Meal:

Berlin-based Social Innovation Startup ShareTheMeal has programmed an app for the United Nations: with this application smartphone users can feed a starving child in Southern Africa for a day for only 40 cents and with a few clicks. In other words, the company enables people to “share their meal” with children in need. It is the world’s first app against global hunger. ShareTheMeal is an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).  Sebastian Stricker and Bernhard Kowatsch founded ShareTheMeal with the goal of eradicating hunger in new ways. The social startup nowadays and with the current means is a great way for anyone to quickly and easily do something about hunger in the world.

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