Founder Team of Berlin Smart Buildings Startup Shoutrlabs

Photo-Location: Naturkundemuseum

The current Naturkundemuseum situated in Invalidenstraße was opened in 1889. It now houses more than 30 million specimen including the largest mounted dinosaur in the world, the Brachiosaurus as well as the world famous Archaeopterix. In 2015, the only T. rex in Europe will be temporarily displayed. 

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Shoutr labs – Berlin Smart Buildings Startup

shoutr labs, CeBIT’s Innovation Award winners of 2014, have started 2015 by stirring up the museum and exhibition market. Now hailing from Cleantech Innovation Center Marzahn, they have used the facility’s well-equipped workshop to build their shoutr.Boxxes, the location-based digital content distribution system that makes buildings smart: With the shoutr. Boxx system, venues can stream high-volume data such as videos and multimedia to their visitor’s smartphones – location-based with a few meters accuracy. This enables them to create unique guide systems and indoor localization solutions. Founders Ronald Liebermann, Benjamin Werner, Sebastian Winkler and Christian Beier have so far managed to acquire as customers the Tutankhamun exhibition in Munich as well as several museums in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Next on the agenda of the three-tech-plus-one-sales-guy team is equipping even more museums, exhibitions and showrooms and to evolve the shoutr. Boxx system into a wholly new digital approach to curating exhibitions.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Shoutr Labs in their office. Here´s the video:

About Shoutr labs:

Berlin-based smart building startup Shoutr labs develops several technologies. The company
 was founded in 2012 by Benjamin Werner, Christian Beier, Ronald Liebermann and Sebastian Winkler. At the beginning, they developed a technique that allows smartphones, tablets and laptops to communicate with each other everywhere. No Internet nor hotspots involved – all needed is at least two PC. Then they developed the revolutionary shoutr.Boxx system: the future of information and interaction systems for smart buildings. It is a location-based digital content distribution and point of sales system that is able to serve high-volume data such as videos and multimedia to smartphones in vicinity: location-specific content is made available with a few meters accuracy. The shoutr.Boxx companion apps are available for Android and iOS. In summary, the system makes an important contribution to users, who are located in proximity to each other, because it allows to make the exchange of data away from the prevailing network infrastructure. 

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