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Yaopeng Zhou (Co-Founder, CEO) and Marc Albanese (Co-Founder, COO)

Location: Payley Park is a tiny urban oasis tucked away off East 53rd Street in midtown Manhattan. A 20 foot high waterfall does a great job of bringing peace to the space, camouflaging the sounds of the city. Green ivy and honey locust trees add to the sense of calm.

Smart Vision Labs – Disrupting traditional vision testing

Digital Health
Founded in 2013
18 employees
Funding $8.1M / 2 rounds

Smart Vision Labs is making vision care less expensive, less complicated, and more accessible. The company offers a mobile-phone based eye exam where patients can obtain an eyewear prescription in minutes without the need for a doctor on-site. Their proprietary technology shrinks expensive, bulky equipment to a portable device that is adapted to a telemedicine platform. The company partners with optical stores and other retailers to bring Smart Vision Exams to consumers. Smart Vision Exams is currently available in 30 locations in New York and California, and the company is looking to expand to other states in the coming months. Founded in 2013, Smart Vision Labs aims to increase access to vision care by leveraging technology and innovation. Over 40,000 vision tests have been performed to date in 23 countries.

This article was published in “the Hundert Vol. 9 – Startups of New York“, December 2016.