Software Diagnostics

Complex Code Kills Your Business

Software Diagnostics, the DNA Scanner for your Software, is a spin-off company of the German HassoPlattner-Institute, the university center of excellence for IT Systems Engineering. Software Diagnostics offers Business Intelligence solutions that enable the IT management to monitor in real-time risks, costs, code quality, and team productivity in a software development project portfolio. The DNA analysis with Software Diagnostics first extracts data from various sources of the development infrastructure, e.g., source code, developer activities, tests, bugs, etc. This data is then analyzed with big-data and data-mining methods. Lastly, the results of the health check are displayed as so-called software maps, which is the perfect means for CIOs and CTOs as well as top-level management to understand the technical coding issues. Software Diagnostics bridges the communication gap between management and techies. For the first time, decision-making in IT is based on objective and understandable data. Companies like Daimler, Generali, Deutsche Post, EDEKA and Scout24 make use of our software solutions to make their software projects become transparent and more efficient.

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