Hendrik Seiler (Co-Founder MD Product and Marketing), Sebastian Niewöhner (Co-Founder, MD Development) and Sebastian Hust (Co-Founder MD Sales) Louisa Summer


Solution for Video Recruiting

Founded in 2015
15 employees
Funding: €400K
Stage: Seed

Talentcube is Europe’s leading solution for video recruiting. It allows companies to receive the important personal impression of every applicant directly upon receipt of the job application. For the first time ever, job seekers can also use their smartphone to create a professional and authentic application within a few minutes. Instead of struggling with the application letter, applying becomes a unique and fun experience. Website
Highlight of the year: Pitching in the TV-Show “DHDL”.

Interview with Talentcube

What inspired you to found your startup?

Sebastian Niewöhner’s Master’s thesis on the topic “Mobile Recruiting” showed how much potential for digitalization exists in the HR industry. When writing the thesis, the initial idea of Talentcube arose. A big inspiration was — and still is — the vision to revolutionize the HR industry.

How are you different? What is your unique value proposition?

Talentcube allows job seekers to apply for any job in the world via video to boost their career chances. It also allowscompanies to offer direct application via video on any available job board, their own career page, social media, and at job fairs.

How do you define success for yourself and your company?

A lot of happy applicants and satisfied, rebooking customers. Continuous growth in terms of revenue, submitted applications, customers and team size. A great team-spirit.

What do you want to achieve next year?

We want to establish Talentcube in countries outside of DACH, and to add additional investment to accelerate our sustainable growth.

Why do people want to work at your company?

The problem we are solving is known to everyone who ever applied for a job, and the whole team strongly believes in the same vision and values. #bepartoftheparty #makeyourmamaproud #trustisking #beopendandbold

What has been the most important milestone so far?

Our milestones include getting an EXIST-Scholarship, being part of the LMU Munich Entrepreneurship Center, being chosen for the DHDL Show, getting an investor, winning the HR Innovation Award at the leading HR Fair in Central Europe, and establishing a team with enthusiastic members.

Looking back at your whole development story — what makes you most proud?

We’re very proud of the team and of our continuous growth. Looking back, we also had a lot of ups and downs, but we always managed to overcome our obstacles and have now grown to a team of 15 people. We have generated over 15k job applications, and have large corporations like Allianz and Lufthansa as satisfied clients.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

We successfully established video application as the new standard in Europe, and our solution is used for more than 50% of all submitted applications.

What is your impression of launching a startup from your based city?

We moved our Headquarter from Stuttgart to Munich because of the well-known and active start-up community here. Exchanging experience with founders in similar stages is a valuable gift, and founding a company in Munich sharpens your focus to create a product that people want to pay for.

What is your impression of the german startup scene? Would you change anything?

Very active and innovative people who are willing to work hard to change the way we do business. On the other side a lot of regulations and restrictions are making it hard for young companies to focus on their business.

Talentcube was featured in “The Hundert Vol. 10 – Startups of Germany“, November 2018.

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