Sona Pohlova
Co-Founder of Ecocapsule

Petra Bosanska

Q: What drives you crazy?

A: When someone is repeatedly late for the meeting or with the deadlines.

Turning vision into reality is a beautiful challenge

During my university studies, I worked in various architecture studios and gained real insight from the beginning. But thanks to these experiences, I realized that working for someone else is not my career path. I needed to express my ideas without the influence of others’ decisions – to have creative process as a dialogue, but with possibility of having the final word. A few months after my graduation, we set up our studio where we were to build our first project. Many people have asked if I was scared to do it so early, but I remember feeling pretty confident about it.

Ecocapsule, the resulting startup that I co-founded, was a natural continuation of previous successes. It was different, though, because it wasn’t handed to me as an assignment, but rather it was our own vision of freedom. The first big risk came with investing our own money to build a prototype; after all, we couldn’t just show nice visualizations forever! It turned out to be a great success and an important milestone for us. We got a huge response and a real interest from people. It helped us fully commit to the project, and showed me that in order to achieve real success you must leap into the risk.

Soňa Pohlová, 31, lives in Bratislava, Slovakia. She studied architecture in Bratislava and Barcelona and is head of the architecture and design studio Nice Architects. In 2014, she co-founded Ecocapsule, a mobile smart house powered by solar and wind energy. It aims to be affordable housing for widespread usage without the need to be plugged in. Ecocapsule is Soňa and her co-founders’ vision for a future way of living and using resources.

This article was published in ‘the Hundert Vol. 8 – Female Startup Founders Europe’, May 2016.