Founder Team of Berlin Solar Energy Startup Sonnenrepublik

Photo-Location: ZK/U

An old freight yard in Moabit was converted into temporary artist and research residencies by the artist collective Kunstrepublik. ZK/U provides living and work spaces for 2-8 months, including studio appartments, common room and large outdoor space including a 15000m² communal garden. 

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Sonnenrepublik – Berlin startup for Solar Energy Systems

Who is not familiar with this problem – sooner or later the battery runs dry unexpectedly. For Andreas Guba and Dr. Oliver Lang, this raised the question of how to generate energy on the go. Independently from one another, they developed the same idea: a concept of mobile solar modules. In 2012, they founded the Sonnenrepublik GmbH. Ever since, the company produces the world’s smallest solar panel and charger system, Clicc, which has been on sale from June 2013 and is manufactured in Berlin. Sonnenrepublik´s Clicc products are significantly more powerful than competing solar products and they fit in any pocket. Through the innovative modularity,Sonnenrepublik´s Clicc products are more versatile than other products on the market. Clicc products are constantly evolving. The new solar charger Wing6 Wood consists of sustainable cork material and produces 6 watt, recharging smart phones in 2 to 4 hours just like from the socket. Everybody gets the chance to produce electricity in a friendly and autonomous environment. That´s Sonnenrepublik.

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Our partner site HEY STARTUPS has visited Sonnenrepublik in their office. Here´s the video:

About Sonnenrepublik:

Founded in 2012, Berlin-based Energy Startup Sonnenrepublik came to the great energy revolution in miniature. Everyone should have the opportunity at hand, conscious and self-sufficient to produce electricity. That´s what Sonnenrepublik did. Their solar products can be as self-evident accessories wherever the people go, that´s why the demands on their products are incredibly high. With a new range of products the founders, Oliver Lang and Andreas Guba, want to open up further fields of application. In addition to the charging of USB terminals, there are additional functions for all products. All Sonnenrepublik devices can be individually combined with each other. In addition, their solar products are developed and produced in Berlin. This ensures that the company products are manufactured under fair conditions. In addition, all Sonnenrepublik Solar chargers are environmentally friendly products, since they are made of recyclable materials.

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